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DORYANGEL - High Technology with a Human Touch for Your Investment

DORYANGEL - High Technology with a Human Touch for Your Investment

Are you landlord seeking a company that can manage your property for you?

Are you finding it difficult to deal with tenants and prospects on your own?

If you are going through any of the issues stated above, a professional property management company will resolve the issue for you instantly. Hiring property managers will not only save your time but also collect rent, handle repair and maintenance issues, evictions, property marketing and advertising as well as brokerage services.

Doryangel - Market Leader in Real Estate Property Management Industry

Doryangel is a premier real estate management and development company that provides clients with top of the line property management services and uses its expertise to manage day-to-day affairs of their real estate. Founded in 2010, Doryangel is known as the most comprehensive residential real estate management firm in New York City with its headquarters in The Bronx and offices throughout the metropolitan area. Property managers at Doryangel professionally manage and look after condominium, cooperative and rental properties in NYC, The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.

DoryAngel Property Management provides best-in-class housing solutions to landlords that gives them a higher ROI and peace of mind through the use of high technology and human touch. Doryangel Research and Development department works to provide clients with viable solutions that are integrated with its property management vision. Each client is assigned a licensed, qualified and experienced property manager / contractor who provides management expertise.

DoryAngel uses a top IT property management system, Virtual Property Management (VPM) that help the company in managing day to day affairs of real estate properties. With its professional representatives, Doryangel offers customer-oriented IT services, online updated and real-time reports; 24/7 emergency services, energy efficient plans, along with real estate management and preventive maintenance.

Get in touch with Doryangel to know more about property management services in detail.

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