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Efficiently reduce the burden of property management with Dory Angel LLC

Property is one of the most important assets that require a lot of attention and time. However, managing the real estate is the crucial task for the owner and for the tenant too. Beyond the buying, renting and selling, there are lots of activities, which need to be done. One person cannot handle all those things and they can become a burden on the individual consuming lots of your time. Understanding the value of your time and need for property management, Dory Angel LLC, helps you reduce the burden of managing your property.

Dory Angel LLC is the real estate management firm established in New York. The main agenda of the firm is to provide complete property management services to its clients. The firm provides the following property management facilities –

  1. Marketing

We know the value of your property and the investment, our goal is to maximize owner’s rental income and minimize the expenses and inefficiencies. Our motto is to deliver best services irrespective of your property type. You might have houses, small apparent complexes, duplex, or a triplex, Dory Angel LLC does a survey of the property, which includes the professional research of the property and analysis of property evaluation for the rental market. According to location and type of property, Dory Angel LLC organizes the marketing campaign as well as does promotions and advertising of real estate, so the owner gets a suitable tenant for the property.

  1. Services

Dory Angel LLC, possesses the systems and tools which takes care of payment services, monthly rent and other expenses like electricity, plumbing etc. The system also generates the monthly financial report for the owner as well as the tenant, which helps to keep transparency for both the parties. The firm has 24*7 service facilities, in case of an emergency or any dispute. Though the online login system, you get the direct access to all the documents and account details, which bring transparency to both the parties.

  1. Security

Dory Angel LLC does not hand over the property until the complete inspection is done. The firm first fixes the issues if any so that the tenant should not face any problem. Our real estate management team takes all required precautions to avoid any untoward incidents. Regular Inspection helps reduce the probability of any trouble in near future.

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