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DoryAngel real estate management and development is proud of its status as the New York area's number one residential property management service provider. Our real estate management company has earned a reputation for comprehensive and responsive service. We offer more services than any other residential management company and have been given a top rating for responsiveness by our clients.
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How to submit an application


  • To view our listings: Please check our properties available online …*view

  • To submit an application: Please click the application link. Please make sure to provide all needed information, as this will enable us to process your request faster.

  • Please remember to check  *agreed by>>> click on *review application >>* submit

  • Once the application is submitted, you will be directed to our management software online, which requires a password.

  • Once the application is complete, please send us a payment slip, which you receive upon a $50 application fee. To make a payment, please choose the Make a Payment button and follow the steps.

  • Make sure to write your full name and the apartment in which you are interested.

  • An invoice will be sent to your email (please keep it for your records).

  • When the application is done, a credit score request will be sent to you. Please fill it out online and pay the processing fee of $15.

  • Once done, we will contact you with a final decision.

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