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DoryAngel real estate management and development is a comprehensive residential real estate management firm founded in 2010 and based out of New York City. We cover a vast area of the city with our headquarters located in The Bronx and site offices throughout Brooklyn and Queens.



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We are a proud to be the top real estate management firm in New York Area for many years. It has been possible due to the custom range of services that we provide to owners as well as tenants. We differ from the rest of the real estate management firms due to the quality of customer service that we offer 24X7.

Owners as well as tenants can access their accounts online to check on their property, pay bills or maintenance or pay rent. This helps keep a mutual trust and transparency for all the parties involved.

DoryAngel property managers promise to give you the best level of service so you can free your mind for any future investment.

Our Services


  • Rent collection

  • Real estate management

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Reliable accountant

  • High maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Plumbing experts

  • Electrical experts

  • Customer-oriented IT

  • Transparency

  • Online updated/real-time reports

  • 24/7 emergency service center

  • Energy efficiency plans

  • Know-how - working with goverment/city NYCHA tenants

  • Rent update every year

  • Know-how - working with coned/DEP/ECB/DOB: all housing departments of NYC

Our Advantage

DoryAngel has been the top choice for owners and tenants in New York due to our strong team that is always vigilant to handle customer queries. Our ability to see every property individually and offer services based upon its needs has made DoryAngel a unique real estate management service provider. We offer a wide range of expertise in property management, which includes:


  • We are able to design suites for each of our customers

  • Engineering systems to maximizing property value

  • Employee training and continuing education programs

  • Transfer department featuring online sales and lease application

  • Central purchasing power

  • Maintaining and improving the building structure and systems

  • After-hours emergency response system

  • Bulk energy purchase agreements

  • Comprehensive market-leading master insurance program

  • Flexible online payment options for residents

  • Local law compliance and tracking system

  • Long-term property manager retention

  • Prompt responsiveness to residents, directors and staff

  • Comprehensive transition audit checklist

Our Tools


  • The Baseline Audit - Our baseline Audit helps make a seamless changeover in management by assembling a transition team that thoroughly reviews a building’s reports & records.


  • Centralized Purchasing - Pass on savings : We use our buying power to get the best price for supplies to the properties we manage. Thus we pass on the savings to you (15-30% less compared to other firms).


  • Well-Trained Staff - We give utmost importance to your service and security that’s the reason why we continuously train the entire building staff, from doormen to concierges to building staff. We believe good service helps build better relationships.

  • Regulatory Compliance - We keep track of ever-changing governmental regulations to ensure safety of your property and make sure it meets all code requirements. Our Compliance team proactively changes or suggests recommendations necessary to protect our clients.

  • Well Smooth Transfers -We understand each apartment has different requirements and so are the requirements for closings. Our experience over a range of portfolios that involves different types of properties helps us administer closings in a quick & efficient manner.

  • Maintain Resident Relations - Our core belief is to help an owner earn through his property and keep it secure for him & provide a new home and easy access to services for the tenants. Our agents are trained to keep good relationships with the residents as well as the owners.

Easy Maintenance


Our core belief is to help an owner earn through his property and keep it secure for him & provide a new home and easy access to services for the tenants. Our agents are trained to keep good relationships with the residents as well as the owners.

High-Quality Service


Asset care - 

We don’t wait for emergencies to happen, we follow TPM (Total Preventative Maintenance). We continuously look for improvements in the property in terms of safety & security.

  • 100% TPM (Total Preventative Maintenance) - a ”hands-on” approach that means we don’t wait for emergencies and we always look for improvements

  • Zero emergencies and zero recurring issues

  • The Iceberg Approach

  • Schedule inspections (leaks, clogs, symptoms…)


Tenant care -

We have a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that helps the tenant pay his bills, rent, submit papers, get notifications and also screen them.

  • Advanced CRM - customer relations management

  • Best tools for payment authorization and delivery

  • All payment methods (online/deposits/checks/pick-ups)

  • Client portal

  • Tenant screening

  • Immediate response

Investor care - 

Easy 24X7 online access to property details, rents for tenants as well as owners. Owners can easily update the lease agreement and increase rental after the period is over.

  • Transparency - full access to all data any time

  • Customer (tenant/landlord) satisfaction surveys

  • Top-grade benchmark service

  • Increase rent with each lease renewal 

  • Critical measurements follow-up


Measurements chart - 

Measurement chart helps the owner or tenant get every detail of information ranging from number of emergency calls made, rental updates, complaint resolution, service request among others.

  • Number of emergency calls per month

  • Response time to tenants' requests - less than 1 hour 

  • Around-the-clock customer care 

  • Real-time supervision on open tasks per apt.

  • Total balance of owed rent

  • Utility bills fluctuation

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