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DoryAngel real estate management and development has provided management services to New York’s most distinctive properties. Many of our City’s properties are managed by DoryAngel Property Management primarily because of our ability to manage each building individually based on its unique needs.


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Do you have the time to check your proporty status? We can save you time and do it for you!

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Do you have time to check your proporty status? We can save you time and do it for you!

Do you wish to be a Real Estate Investor?

Know more about Real Estate Investments.


You all must be aware that Real Estate isn’t a glamorous business. We have all seen most of our peers, colleagues especially our parents go to the bank instead of investing in a rental property. You must be aware about the things that you might be missing not being an investor in a rental property.

DoryAngel is proud to share this tips with new investors. This article will help us emphasize our business orientation.

Cash flow.

Are you looking for a stable Cash Flow every month?


Having a rental property shall allow you to have a consistent cash flow once you pay all the bills. This cash flow is consistent and you can have ready cash at your hands to help build your business or buy another property. Also, the cash flow can be a useful thing for survival in bad times & can be efficiently used for investments in good times.

To maximize cash-flow, we put effort into each lease and each tenant individually to make sure there are no delays with payments.
Leases are updated each year with rent increases.
We give the best service and our tenants stay with us for much loner than the average tenancy.

Save on TAX.

Are you looking to save money on TAX?


They say, “Tax is the big ‘AXE’”. Government rewards rental owners. Income from rental properties is not taxable and thus helps you save more. There are tax benefits, which include depreciation & lower tax rates for long-term profits.

Our team of professional includes a NY licensed accountant along with a real estate attorney, who guide us through each step of our deals.

Loan Pay Down

How to pay mortgage on your property?


There is a saying “Let your money work for you”. In the same way, your mortgage is paid by the rentals from your mortgaged property. Once you are through with your mortgage, you are the owner of the property. It's a smart business move to have a rental property help you live a better life.

We track all payments and make sure we avoid any reason for negative cash-flow. loans, utilities, emergency repairs are our first priority.


Looking for appreciation on your investment?


With inflation on a high, property rates see exponential growth. You can bet on your property appreciation of 20%-100%. Although, there are temporary recessions but the property value never depreciates for longer intervals. Inflation is good for properties. Real estate is often termed as “a hedge against inflation." 

We choose our investments to make sure they have the best appreciation over the years; therefore, we buy our investments for much lower than the market price.


Do you wish to control your investments?


Most of us live under the economy threatened by failure of banks, sudden drop in IT trade or eventuality of war. Property investments are stable and you can control them. You can always be patient if you see a drop in property rates till it catches up. You know the exact amount of rent you shall receive every month irrespective of global downfall. It’s vital for economic stability that you control your investments.

Our goal is to make sure all investments will keep their high maintenance to attract tenants who can pay for our great services. Happy tenants will guarantee that your investment will be stable for many years.

We will make sure to give you all the benefit of the real estate business. You will enjoy a range of live data on your properties with active advice to support your decisions.

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