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Brokers Grow with Us

We honor the work of brokers and real estate agents who work hard to expand their territories vis-à-vis their networks to create interesting business opportunities that eventually bring growth and stability to business.


We want you to grow with us and leverage the opportunities that we shall give you as we grow together.

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1. Who are we?
DoryAngel LLC is a top real estate management and property firm in NYC area with headquarters in The Bronx. DoryAngel LLC is the preferred choice of property owners as well as tenants due to our tailor made services and our vigilant customer support. DoryAngel LLC provides wide range of property services customized according to needs of each building.
4. Transparency & Technology 
We believe in keeping transparency in our venture. You shall gain a direct access to all documents available online on the cloud. You can login any time of the day or night to access and go through it. You can access, view, download any information online, you can also view updated tenant’s ledger.
2. What we offer? 
A partnership with DoryAngel LLC shall give you an opportunity to have upto 25% of management income. You also enjoy exclusive listings on our network & more exposure to the market complimented with a steady monthly income. Come grow with us and get rewarded as you help us grow together.
5. We take care of the rest.
All the management is taken care by us, so you need not worry about the logistics or updates for tenants/owners. We are available 24X7 through our VPM call center. We provide All additional services to tenants/owners at best costs. All your property, information is recorded online in your account to help you track down.
3. Joint Partnership
Let’s start up our partnership by setting up a meeting with your clients with the management entirely handled by us. We create a marketing plan for our joint venture, exchange documents and agreements and are ready to fly. With our exposure and brand, you shall enjoy the use of our networks for business under our partnership to get new clients.
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