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Real estate broker?

This offer is for you!

Increase your income with no extra investment.

Be part of our management community and support your business.


We welcome you to use your current assets to explore new ways of earning income.

We offer you A chance to expand your business and be part of our success.

Enjoy the benefits: 

  • 250$ per unit as refferal fees ( i.E:  10 unit property = 2500$!!!) 

  • Enjoy exclusive listings!

  • Enjoy more exposure to the market

  • Enjoy steady monthly income

  • Be part of a growing community

  • Get reworded as business grows

Provide your information below and a company representative will contact you shortly

or call us today and ask about our brokers management program 1-516-847-4663

Schedule your free phone consultant meeting.

We welcome you to enjoy 45 minute free consulting with our special advisers.

Did you know?

Most landlords would rather work with management companies.

We offer financial plans to avoid/struggle out of negative cash flow on properties.

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