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Property Management with high-end technology & a professional human touch at your doorstep reasonable pricing.

Wide range of properties. World-Class Service.
DoryAngel Property Management is preferred due to its efficiency in managing each property’s portfolio with a tailor made service package.
Flat Pricing. No Hidden Costs.

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4. Transparency


  • We shall have your approval while drafting lease agreements.

  • You shall have a direct access to all the documents saved on our cloud drive in your login any time of the day or night.

  • Rentals shall be directly deposited to your bank accounts.

  • You shall have full access to your updated tenant’s ledger.

  • Access any reports online as per your demand by logging in.

5.Reliable Customer Service


  • We are available 24X7 through our VPM call center.

  • We accept incoming calls, emails, texts or web request round the clock.

  • We provide cost effective repairs team at your disposal.

  • All your property , complaints are recorded online in your account to help you track down.

1. Inspecting & Promoting your Property


  • Once our service is needed a doryangel Pm agent will be dispatch to your location.

  • Our agent introduce our friendly application and full orientation demo is done.

  • A full range and high resolution pictures are made on spot. 

  • Professional real estate personnel shall research & analyze your property valuation for the rental market.

2. Ease of Business


  • We expose your listing to verified & reliable brokers network across your vicinity.

  • We provide an easy interface to submit applications online 24X7X365 without any hindrance.

  • Property shall be promoted & advertised extensively on top real estate websites.

  • We keep a follow up of all the campaigns we run ensuring maximum exposure.

3. Time is money / 24X7 Availability


  • Our call center is equipped to handle your requests 24X7 any time of the day/night.

  • Applicant can schedule appointments with our agents any time of the day or night by call, email, text or online booking.

  • A thorough credit check of the tenants with references & recommendations attached to each application.

  • Awaiting your approval. 

6. Repairs & payments verification


  • Our landlord can choose to work with our certfied contractors OR provide thier own,  DoryAngel dispatch will do the rest.

  • Work order verification is done by : pictures, tenant satisfaction survey & onsite testing.

  • All payments are transperant to you and will be made with your invoice approval

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